Welcome to my eTrdSy project !


eTrdSy aims to be an Easy to Use and Maintain, E
fficient, Secure, Extensible & Free (as in Freedom) : Web-based Shop.

right now
(Oct. 2003) eTrdSy nowhere near it's goals...
but as i learn to work with Smarty - which is a Template engine for PHP, sooner or later, i'll convert eTrdSy to use Smarty, which will come along with a near-complete code Redesign/Rewrite... in it's current state it's just a rough draft of what it should be.

eTrdSy is Written in the Splendid PHP scripting language, it uses MySQL DBMS for Data Management - but ables to use probably Any SQL-based DBMS (an SQLite DBI-class is planned...), if one creates a
DBI-class (*) for it. :)

The Design relays on classes to allow
code reuse, and reduced code size.

Here you may Watch a live demostration eTrdSy (in English) & eTrdSy (in Hebrew)

(Note : you may bump into a PHP error message while browsing the shop., it's origin is in SourceForge's PHP configuration, and NOT in eTrdSy by any means ! - so just hit "Reload" or "Refresh", wait a second & retry as needed, till it loads. )

(*) DBI-class - DBI is the DataBase Interface/Abstraction-Layer mechanism of eTrdSy, every DBI-class is for a Specific DBMS - but all (should !) provide the same API to the rest of the software.

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